Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old World Traditions in the 21st Century

The Magdalen Islands are the tiny, red dot on the map above. We are an archipelago in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence where our unique inhabitants, both Francophone and Anglophone, have lived for over 300 years.

Our herb farm and bed-and-breakfast L'Anse aux Herbes or The Herbal Cove is located in the enchanting site of the Belle Anse, renowned for its beautiful sunsets over cliff and sea.

In summer, our herb gardens and medicinal plants grow all around us and enhance the character of our beautiful 12-acre site. All our crops and processing steps are done the traditional and organic way, with the greatest respect for the environment.

Our herbs not only smell and taste wonderful, but also lead to a healthier life. A delight for your senses, the aromatic and medicinal plants grown on the islands treat many ailments, and mix wonderfully with massage oils, ointments and soaps.

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